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Session Hazy IPA - Barn Batch #16

A new very crushable and cloudy hazy to add to our arsenal of IPAs. This hazy visually has a slightly more gold tinge compared to our flagship hazy Cedar Hollow. This hazy also has a little more of a beige/tan colored foam cap. Give it a sniff and you'll pick up hints of orange citrus with an herbal piney aroma. Upon taking a sip you'll get flavors of grapefruit and orange with an earthy full body, and bitter finish. A little more bitter and a little more "hard bite" than a NEIPA may normally be. Though there's a little wheat malt to give it a soft body to counteract that hard bitterness on the finish, and make it a little more smooth going down. This is a beer for IPA and Hazy lovers, or anybody that may be looking for a beer with less alcohol so they can sit back and enjoy more than 1 on a gorgeous summer day!

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