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Saratoga Milk Stout

Silky smooth, creamy, and delicious, this nitrogenated milk stout contrasts aromas of dark chocolate and black coffee with a slightly sweet, remarkably easy-drinking flavor that has little to no bitterness. Nitro Milk Stout, 7.5% ABV, 50 IBU; Grains: Chocolate Malt, Bru Malt, Double-Roasted Crystal, Carafa III, Brown Malt, Black Malt; Hops: East Kent Golding; Specialty Ingredients: Lactose; Tasting Notes: Very dark brown (nearly black) in color, with a frothy beige head, the nitrogen conditioning on this beer creates a beautiful cascade effect after being poured. Aromas of dark chocolate, roasted coconut, black coffee, and German chocolate cake combine to create a complex bouquet. While some of the coffee notes suggest the flavor might be dry or slightly bitter, it is delightfully balanced and creamy, and slightly (but not overly) sweet. The mouthfeel is everything you want in a milk stout – rich, creamy, and remarkably smooth. The finish lingers for quite a while, but is soft and subtle, with the lactose coating the throat and practically begging for another sip


Coupeville Brewery & Taproom

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