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Freeland Brewery & Taproom

Orange Cream Ale - Barn Batch #15

A light, clear, gold colored nitro beer. This cream ale has a very soft and smooth mouthfeel, with a larger than average white foam cap. Head retention is good. This beer has little to no hop character/ bitterness. In terms of aroma, the beer has a very OJ like smell, with a little spice on the finish. In terms of taste the orange is still the star of the show. More sweet and less citrusy from the orange added, with medium body. On the front end of the pallet you'll get more sweet orange flavor that coats the tongue, while on the back end you will get more of a corn/biscuit flavor on the finish. This is a great beer for people looking for something "lighter", "fruity", or "smooth". It's a great beer for summer.

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